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Dr. Bharati Pawar
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B.Sc(CHEM), M.Sc(Org. CHEM), PHD(CHEM), SET & Diploma in Patent Law(WIPO)
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    1. A simple synthesis of -methyl--keto acids, Pawar, B.; Waghmare B.; Lokhande, P. D. Indian J. Chem. 2006, 45B, 2549.

    2. Facile & chemoselective cleavage of allyl carboxylic Ester utilizing NaBH4 in DMSO, Pawar, B.; Lokhande, P. D. Synth. Commun. 2009, 39, 2445.

    3. A convenient Method for Lactonization of α-allyl ester using Iodine in Dimethyl Sulphoside, Beena R. Nawghare, Sunil V. Gaikwad, Bharati V. Pawar and Pradeep D. Lokhande* Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2014, 28(3), 469-473.

    4. A Convenient synthesis of biologically active -Butyrolactone by using sodium borohydride: Synthesis of () Hexanolide pheromone and analogue of Paraconic acid, Pawar, B.; Lokhande, P. D.* Synlett (communicated).
  • library_booksList of International Conference
    1. Michael addition of masked acyl anion to , - unsaturated ester in synthesis of ,  and -Ketoesters, International Conference on New Bioactive Molecules in Pharmaceutical Research Contribution of Natural Products at IICT Hyderabad (INDO-US CCNP) in Nov 2006.

    2. Synthesis of Naturally Occurring -Substituted--Butyrolactone from Corresponding Carboxylic Ester, presented in International Conference on Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences [ICETCS 2007] at University of Mumbai in Jan 2007.

    3. Synthesis of Naturally Occurring , , -Trisubstituted-- Butyrolactone from corresponding -Ketoester, presented in International Research Symposium on “Recent Development in Chemistry” at Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, Feb 2007.

    4. Mild and Selective NaBH4/MeOH Mediated Deallyalation of, alpha-Allyl esters and amines, Presented in International conference on” Emerging Trends in Chemistry “ organized by Department of Chemistry University of Pune from 5-7 Jan, 2010.
  • descriptionList of National Conference
    1. Green One-Pot Multicomponent Synthesis of -Alkyl--Ketoesters via Michael Addition, Presented in UGC-SAP National Seminar on Synthesis of New Materials for Industrial Applications AND awarded as Best Oral Presentation, at Shivaji University Kolhapur, 1 Feb 2008.

    2. Synthesis of , -Disubstituted--Butyrolactone by the Oxidative Iodocyclization from Corresponding -Allyl Carboxylic Ester, Presented in UGC conferences at University of Pune 18th Nov 2007.

    3. Synthesis of ,-Substituted--Butyrolactones from ,  and -Ketoesters via Michael addition of masked acyl anion to , - unsaturated ester, Presented in Research Symposium on “ Advance in Chemistry” at Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, March 2008.
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    National level workshop on Sensitization & Technological Empowerment of woman teachers/researchers/scientists for their S&T Endeavour’s. in Sep. 25, 2015 Organised by S.P.P. U. & National Science Academy India.
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