Welcome to Computer Engineering

  • filter_dramaVision
    • To empower the people by enabling students to be technologically skilled, innovative, ethical and pride resource of global world.
  • placeMission
    • To serve society by empowering students by establishing state-of-the-art Engineering and Research Institute and impart attitude, knowledge and skills through Quality Education to develop self reliant individual and teams.
  • whatshotProgram Outcome
    • Enable students to apply the technical knowledge to solve engineering problem.
    • Encourage the students for research and higher studies.
    • Enable to obey the professional ethics in the society.
    • Inspire to effectively co-ordinate in the team and with individuals.
    • To retain and sustain gifted individuals’ specialty.
    • Communicate effectively using new technology on engineering activities.
    • To cultivate the quality of leadership.
    • To create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, recourses to complex engineering activities.
    • To able to manage projects as well as multidisciplinary environment.
    • Encourage students to actively organize and participate in social activities.
    • Improve the ability to be adaptable with technological change.
    • To understand the need for sustainable development in different environments
  • whatshotProgram Education Outcome
    • Industry-ready and Skilled Engineers: To prepare graduates to acquire a fulfilling profession for employment in industry or academia, and postgraduate study in engineering.
    • Core Competence: Develop competence in applying knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering; enabling graduates to solve engineering problems in a modern technological society as valuable productive engineers.
    • Multifaceted Professionals: To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary project. To develop ethics, team work abilities and communication skills in the students
    • Learning Environment: To provide lifelong learning environment for students. Make them familiar with recent trends and emerging technologies in Computer and IT world.
    • Ethical Professionals: To instill a sense of social, professional-ethical responsibility and an ability to communicate effectively.
  • whatshotProgram Specific Outcome
    • To be able to advance himself according to dynamic world of Computer and IT
    • To cultivate ability to communicate and develop knowledge using diverse means of technology

Department at Glance

Department Laboratories

List of Faculties
  Name Department Designation Qualification Experience
Pallavi Jha Computer HOD & Assistant Professor PhD(Comp),ME(Comp),BE(IT) 10.0
Ajaypal Singh Computer Assistant Professor M.Tech(CSE), B.E(IT) 10.0
Atul Mokal Computer Assistant Professor BE(IT), ME(CE) 8.0
Arpit Computer Assistant Professor B.Tech(CSE), MS( IT) 8.0
Sonali Khairnar Computer Assistant Professor BE(CE), ME(CE) 7.0
Sagar Latake Computer Assistant Professor BE(CSE), ME(CN) 7.0
Harish Patil Computer Assistant Professor PhD*, M.Tech(CN), BE(CSE) 4.5
Kirti Randhe Computer Assistant Professor BE , ME(Computer Engineering) 3.0
Vinay Thamke Computer Assistant Professor M.Tech (CSE-IT), BE (CSE), Gate Qualified 2.4
Mohan Ambikar Computer Technical Assistant Diploma(Comp) 5.0
Akshay Pawar Computer Technical Assistant BSc(Comp) 3.0