Prof. C. B. Joshi
Dean, Innovations & Strategic Implementations

Dear Students and Colleagues,
Greetings from ISB&M School of Technology, Pune

The world of opportunities is gradually increasing day by day in learning and development in the terms of innovative serving best practices, which can lead the entire paradigm & contributed significantly for the growth of our nation.

We educate, we build and we cater our best to pursue the visionary assets ‘our students’ in such a way that, they can be a successful leader, inspiration for others and magnificent professional and can serve across the community. At ISB&M School of Technology, Pune, We are here to serve our best practices in Innovations which can play a vital role in today’s aspects of sustainable livelihood. “We believe that Sky is the limit for a truly passionate personality and we are having true perception to prove it”.

Prof. C. B. Joshi
Dean, Innovations & Strategic Implementation