Welcome to Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • filter_dramaVision
    • Leading sustainable innovative development for inclusive growth in the field of Telecommunication and molding the students to become world leaders with excellence in technical domain.
  • placeMission
    • To impart Technical education, not limiting to classroom environment, but more of application oriented with practical interpretations.
    • To infuse a sense of self motivation and urge to learn and experience new emerging trends in Telecommunication Engineeri.
  • whatshotProgram Outcome
    • 1. An ability to design the methods to provide the Engineering concept and knowledge from the Resources, to provide the solution to complex Engineering problems and ideas.
    • 2. An Ability to identify the problems, investigate the ways and methods to analyze.
    • 3. An ability to design the system using different tools like simulation and implementation by iterative methods by considering the safety, environment, society and culture.
    • 4. An ability to collect the data for complex issues of research implementation and investigate its origin from the knowledge and synthesis the information.
    • 5. An Ability to explore recent cutting edge technology for design and development with understanding the constraints.
    • 6. An ability to improve the network with the technical person outside the institute and to get associated with different research bodies.
    • 7. An Ability to get acquainted with different socio cultural bodies to incept a sense of responsibilities amongst masses.
    • 8. An ability to grow in engineering knowledge along with ethical and cultural values.
    • 9. An ability to analyze and design the team so as to increase productivity and to introduce the competence and sustainability.
    • 10. An Ability to enhance the sense of fearlessness and improve the communication.
    • 11. An ability to adopt the ways to cater the knowledge of project management and to identify the resource to import finances.
    • 12. To create an environment and generate the resources in literature and technologies, gathering new ideas for implementation from fresh talents and making it a continuous process.
  • whatshotProgram Education Outcome
    • 1. To become a role model and source of knowledge to peers and the juniors in the society.
    • 2. To understand the current existing technologies and provide the most efficient solution to the problem.
    • 3. To excel in the technical domain thereby increasing their knowledge and symbiotically helping the organization they will work in.
    • 4. Ability to handle complex IT tools for simulation to produce the best outcomes.
    • 5. Not to confine the knowledge themselves but to share and spread in the society.
  • whatshotProgram Specific Outcome
    • The students will possess the ability to:
    • 1. Analyze the knowledge of product design, electronic circuits, embedded & communication systems, Microcontroller, control systems and signal processing to solve Engineering/societal issues.
    • 2. Implement ideas for new concept, design and verify using skill to realize the outcomes of ideas implemented.
    • 3. Apply logical skills in programming to attain results and its outcome
    • 4. Build the team to manage the project and experiment it with the conceptual support to Contribute to self and the society.
List of Faculties
  Name Department Designation Qualification Experience
Dr. P.K. Srivastava E&TC Principal & Professor Ph.D(E&TC),M.Tech(Microwave) 23.0
Pramodini Kale E&TC HOD & Assistant Professor BE (E&TC),M.E. (VLSI and Embedded) 9.0
Dr. Chanakya Jha E&TC Associate Professor PhD, ME 20.0
C. B. Joshi E&TC Adjunct Professor BE, ME(E&TC) 22.0
Shubhangi Joshi E&TC Assistant Professor BE(Electronics), ME(VLSI), PhD* 17.0
Saket Kumar E&TC Assistant Professor BE (E&TC), M.Tech. (Digital Commn), Ph.D. (Pursuing) 7.2
Anil Kumar Jakkani E&TC Assistant Professor B.Tech (E&TC), M.Tech.(CS) 7.0
Sitaram Longani E&TC Assistant Professor BE (E&TC), M.E. (Communication Network), PHD* 5.0
kaleeswari.R E&TC Assistant Professor ME(Applied Electronics) 2.0
Vanita Burange E&TC Technical Assistant Diploma(E&TC) 1.0