Welcome to Mechanical Engineering

  • filter_dramaVision
    • The Mechanical Engineering Department endeavors to be acknowledged internationally for outstanding education and research to fulfill the needs of society at large.
  • placeMission
    • 1. To impart quality education to students of mechanical engineering department to excel in their lives and livelihood
    • 2. To develop professional potential for the society.
    • 3. To develop state of the art research facilities for stakeholders to excel in globally competitive world.
    • 4. To develop associations with R&D organizations, industries and educational institutes for eminent research, consultancy and teaching.
  • whatshotProgram Outcome
    • The student has the proficiency in area of Mechanical Engineering and has the ability to distinguish, estimate, scrutinize and creations of solutions for various Mechanical Engineering problems.
    • student has the ability to apply the fundamentals knowledge to generate solution of complex engineering problems. The student has the capability to apply the basic research principles to conduct research in wider spectrum of theoretical and practical aspect of the problem.
    • The student has the ability to conceptualize the problem and present a broad spectrum of solutions. The student has the ability to arrive at a feasible and optimal solution after considering public at large and environmental effects.
    • The student has the ability to apply the research methodologies, tools and techniques to unfamiliar problems. The student has the ability to conduct experiment, logically analyse and interpret the experimental or theoretical outcomes. He has ability to develop the scientific theory or technical knowledge in the domain of the problem.
    • The student has the ability to create or apply the modern IT tools and techniques to find out fundamental solution of the problems. The student has the ability to model and simulate the Mechanical Engineering problems with the help of advanced tools and techniques.
    • The student has the attitude to think innovatively for developing solutions to the societal problems and develop cost effective solutions to the society at large.
    • The student has the ability to communicate effectively with society at large related to complex engineering activities. The student has the ability to write effective reports and design documentation by adhering to suitable standards, make effectual presentation and give and receive clear instructions.
  • whatshotProgram Education Outcome
    • 1-To develop graduates with sound technical competency.
    • 2-To inculcate life-long learning and high employability skills.
    • 3-To establish research and development facilities to promote innovations.
    • 4-To generate the spirit of entrepreneurship to create future employers.
    • 5-To promote leadership qualities so as to work and succeed in diverse domains.
  • whatshotProgram Specific Outcome
    • Development of Add-on Skills in Thermal Engineering, Design Engineering& manufacturing Engineering.
    • Promote Industry Institute Interaction.
    • Foster Research skills.

Department at Glance

Department Laboratories

There are 12 Labs in mechanical Department, 2 CAD CAM labs and 1 workshop. Total 15 labs available for mechanical research work. There are 6 class rooms available for mechanical students, 2 drawing halls and 1 seminar hall to elaborate the idea and enhancing their skills.

List of Faculties
  Name Department Designation Qualification Experience
Aniruddh Bulbule Mechanical HOD & Assistant Professor B.E.(Mech) , M.E. (HPE), PhD* 15.0
Chandrakant Khemkar Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), ME(Design) 8.0
Prakash Gaikwad Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech) ME(Design) 8.0
Yogesh Rakate Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), M.Tech.(Thermal Engineering) 7.0
Vivek Doke Mechanical Assistant Professor PhD*(Pursuing) NIT Silchar, M.Tech(Thermal) NIT Silchar, BE (Mech), GATE 2011 7.0
Amit Bartakke Mechanical Assistant Professor ME Manufacturing Process, BE Mechanical 6.5
Dheeraj Kumar Mechanical Assistant Professor B.Tech(Mech), M.Tech(Heat Power) 6.5
Krishna Yadav Mechanical Assistant Professor B.Tech(ME), M.Tech(Hydro Power Engineering) 6.0
Shantanu Debnath Mechanical Assistant Professor B.Tech(NIT Agartala), M.Tech(NIT Durgapur), PhD(NIT Agartala)* 6.0
Hrishikesh Gadekar Mechanical Assistant Professor BE (Mech), ME (Design) 5.0
Pooja Nemade Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech) ME(HPE) 4.0
Gunwant Ghatole Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), M. Tech. (HPE) 4.0
Firoj Tanekhan Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), ME(HPE) 3.0
Vaibhav Edake Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(ME), ME(DESIGN) 3.0
Nikhil Talwekar Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), ME(HP) 3.0
Yogendra Jain Mechanical Assistant Professor BE(Mech), M.Tech(CAD-CAM) 2.0
Dr. Abhijit Sarkar Mechanical Assistant Professor PhD, NIT Agartala; ME(Design), NIT Durgapur; BE(Mech), NIT Agartala 2.0
Akshata Pokharkar Mechanical Technical Assistant BE(Mech) ME (Design)* 2.0
Nishant Sukalkar Mechanical Technical Assistant BE(Mech), Me(Design Engg) 2.0
Rakhi Dolas Mechanical Technical Assistant BE(ME) 1.5