Principal: Dr.P.K.Srivastava.

NSS Programmer Officer: Prof. Sitaram Longani

                NSS has given us a platform to serve the society and bring happiness and smile on many faces. We created a hub to deliver services to the society by showcasing our talents. So it’s not simply an association; it’s a reason to achieve our objective and carry on the legacy for the coming years. We started our enrollment procedure for the current academic year in the month of September 2016 and 50 students joined as NSS volunteers for the Academic Year 2016-2017.

         We started our journey on 10th of September with a Tree Plantation Drive held in ISB&M Campus to celebrate NSS Foundation Day. An Orientation Program was conducted to welcome our new NSS members on 8th September 2016. One of the essential parts for the success of any organization is the acquaintance of its members with the organization, its functions and objectives. Our respected Principal Dr. P.K. Srivastava motivated us with piece of advice and shared with us some of the experiences that he had when he joined and became a part of NSS.


Road Safety:-

The NSS unit of SOT organized a Road Safety Abhiyan on 25th September 2016 in the college Entrance and on College Road.We also captures the pictures while providing awareness regarding “Road Safety Abhiyan”


About 50 NSS Volunteers participated in these events. The programmer officers namely Prof. Sitaram Longani conducted this Abhiyan. College Principal Dr. P.K. Srivastava motivated Students to maintain hygiene and to clean their soundings.


50 NSS Volunteers conducted rally to aware peoples for cleanliness and outshout Slogans 

Matdan Jagruti Abhiyan:-

NSS unit of ISB&M SOT organized “Matdan Jagruti Abhiyan” on 29th September, 2016  

NSS students went to each and every house of the Sus Village and made the people aware about Voting.      

We conducted a residential camp in Usgaon Dongri, Virar (E) for 7 days from 15th December 2010 to 21st December 2010. Camp themes were: “Environmental Awareness including preservation of natural resources and conservation of cultural/historical heritage.” and Health, Public sanitation & Personal hygiene. 

During this camp, we conducted the following activities for the empowerment of the villagers: 

Campsite and Village Visit:- We conducted a detailed survey of the village and interacted with the villagers so as to plan out activities for them. 

Balwadi:- Balwadi is the heart of the village. The Balwadi children are the youth of tomorrow. They are the torch bearers. We had informative sessions such as Origami, Value Education, Basic hygiene, Puppet show, etc and entertainment in the form of cartoon screening, dancing, singing, etc. We also had the “Each one teach one” session wherein each volunteer adopted a child for that period & did his/her bit to teach them something that would be of use to them. 

Donation Drive in Balwadi:- We donated stationery, books crayons, chocolates, toys etc in the balwadi. As a part of teaching personal hygiene we had a session where volunteers taught children to wash their hands properly. We also donated nailcutters to the children. 

Mid-day Meal:- The volunteers had a great time cooking missal pav as a treat to the balwadi kids. It was a learning experience for the volunteers and brought great joy amongst the kids too. 

Tree Plantation Drive:-In order to inculcate an environment friendly attitude amongst the villagers, we planted 25 saplings of different flowering and non-flowering shady trees in the village. 

Art Mela & Competitions for Village Women:- An Art Mela was conducted for the women folk so that their talent could be encouraged and appreciated. There were various competitions like the rangoli competition & mehendi competition. It was good to see so many villagers enthusiastically putting their best foot forward. Ø Drama for villagers:-We conducted a social awareness drama in Marathi, highlighting the importance of education of a girl child, illiteracy, exploitation of the villagers which was applauded by the villagers. The response of the villagers was over whelming. 

Sports day for Village children:-A sport day was organized having different sports competitions like running race, balloon race, 3-legged race, stationery race etc. for the village children. We also had a kite flying activity for the volunteers and village children. They really brought back our childhood memories with their enormous response and zeal. 

Medical camp:-We conducted a day long medical camp for General Checkup, Optical Check-up and Pathology. Due to extensive propagation in the village we got an overwhelming response wherein 400 villagers attended the medical camp. We provided them with free of cost aid in the form of spectacles, medicines and refreshments. Ø Donation Drive in Village:-We conducted a donation drive in the college for clothes, stationery, vessels, etc. which we donated in the village. We also donated buckets, wheat, and rice & first-aid kits in every house. 

Session by a Gynecologist:-A special seminar by a gynecologist was conducted for the school girls of Eklavya Parivartan School at the campsite between the age group of 12-14 years. 

Distribution of Textbooks:-We distributed textbooks and story books to the girls studying in the boarding school from 1st to 7th standard. We conducted the following activities for the NSS volunteers: 

Physical Training:- Activities like trekking, exercising, jogging, etc were conducted early in the morning. Ø Kargil Session:-A seminar on the life of soldiers and their family members was conducted by Mrs. Anuradha Prabhudesai of Lakshya Foundation. The seminar touched our hearts as it made us realize the hardships which a soldier has to endure so that the civilians lead a secure and peaceful life. 

Seminar on Subconscious Mind:- A seminar was conducted by Prof. Pravin Kakade on mind power and visualization which was followed by interesting practical demonstrations. 

Biogas: - Volunteers actively participated in the various processes which are carried out at the Biogas Plant in the campsite. 

Agriculture: - The weeds in the agricultural land area were uprooted and the land was ploughed to help the farmers in the village. 

Fishing:-Volunteers also did fishing at the riverside area. 

Brick Making:- Volunteers also visited a Brick factory and learnt the entire process of brick making. Ø Other than educational activities, the highlights of the camp were Retro Night, Campfire, Adivasi Night and Fashion Show as a part of the Entertainment Sessions held every evening. We all saw life through the eyes of the heart. This camp experience will be inscribed in all the villagers and volunteers’ hearts forever.

Showing the way to achieve success, joy, happiness & fulfillment, the ISB&M SOT.NSS unit 2016-2017 Says a good bye to this academic year with an assurance that our junior volunteers would continue the journey with the same conviction and achieve new heights having sky as limit.... “We are the force that is driven, to achieve the impossible”


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